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Located in the International Departure Lobby in the former terminal complex, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Duty Free Shop was established in 1992. In 2004, it was relocated to the departure area of Pier A in Terminal 1, with a total area of 160㎡. In 2013, the shop enlarged its business area to approximately 300 ㎡during Fortune Global Forum. In 2014, after the Airport’s spatial rearrangement of Pier A , the shop expanded its business area to 470㎡, referring to the modern and chic decorative styles of duty free shops at Hong Kong Airport, Taipei Airport and Singapore Airport. With the help of the redecoration, the shop could match the image of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, the fourth largest aviation hub in China. Tailoring to the needs of customers, the duty free shop enriched the variety of commodities by successfully introducing 13 types of internationally well-known brands of cosmetics and fragrances in 2017. The diversification boosted the revenue by 153% compared with the same period, and the single day sales volume exceeded 500,000 RMB for the first time. On September 30, 2017, the inbound duty-free shop was officially opened. Hereafter, not only can passengers purchase duty-free products when they fly out of Chengdu Airport , but also enjoy a rich shopping experience at more favorable prices upon arrival. The second phase project of the inbound duty free shop is now in the process of designing and planning. It is expected to open for business in March 2018. There will also be more than 4000 varieties of products, such as cosmetics, accessories, sunglasses, electronic products, small household appliances, daily necessities and so on.


The outbound duty-free shop includes perfume & cosmetics area, comprehensive boutique area, tobacco & foods area…, etc. It currently offers more than 4000 types of internationally famous products: foreign wines such as Hennessy, Remy Martin,Martell, Chivas, Johnnie Walker, Ballantine's, Absolut vodka, Macallan, Jack Daniels, Courvoisier and Royal Salute; red wines such as Chateau Latour,Les Forts de Latour, E.&J.Gallo Winery, Chateau D’Armailhac,Chateau Margaux,Chateau Talbot, Penfolds Winery; Chinese spirits such as Wuliangye, Moutai, Swellfun and so on, cigarettes such as 555,Marlboro, Diao Yu Tai,Chunghwa, Panda, Yunyan Dachongjiu,Yuxi Manor and so on.

Besides tobacco and liquor, the shop also offers premium selections of sunglasses from Prada, Dior, Gucci and Ray-Ban, Samsonite luggage, LeSportsac handbag, perfumes from Burberry, Versace and Bvlgari, cosmetics from Givenchy, Elizabeth Arden, Laneige…, etc. In addition, much desired products such as Foero Luna cleanser, Philips razor and Braun razor, Travel Blue’s travel accessories are available in store as well.

The Inbound duty-free shop is located in front of the No. 1 baggage carousel at International Arrival (1F) in T1, covering a total area of 172㎡. Opening hours are consistent with inbound flight time. More than 400 products are available, including a wide selection of tobacco, liquors and foods. The brands currently include Yuxi, Zhongnanhai, Pride, Marlboro, Double Happiness, Jiannachun, Luzhou Lao Jiao, Moutai, Remy Martin, Martell and many other well-known brands.


The Chengdu Airport duty free shop is always committed to adhering to the concept of “Customer First, Sincere Service”, to focusing on customer services, and to setting the trends of fashion consumption so that customers could enjoy a pleasant shopping experience. Depending on the needs of customers, the shop also offers multi-language services in Japanese, Korean and English. The prices of duty-free goods are 10%~30% lower than that of the same goods in the local city. In addition, holiday promotions and discounts are generously offered. By simply presenting passports and boarding passes, passengers could purchase duty-free goods in Chinese Yuan, US Dollar, Japanese Yen and Hong Kong Dollars. E-payments like credit cards, WeChat, Alipay are accepted as well.

Service Service

Please show your passport and boarding pass when purchasing duty-free goods. RMB, U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen, HK Dollar and credit cards are accepted.

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